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1-Day Data Structure and Algorithm Workshop
The Event focused on algorithms, data structures and problem solving.
Code-Glitz (3-hour Codeathon)
3-Hour Codeathon for the students who are new to the competitive coding.
MUJ Assessment Test
The test was a self-assessment test to help students prepare for interviews of SWE roles.
Medal Of Valor
Valorant is a tactical shooting game involving two teams with 5 players in each team.
Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
To optimize LinkedIn Profile and use it as an essential personal branding tool.
Scoring an Internship at DELL
The speaker(ex-SWE at DELL) shared his valuable experience with our webinar viewers.
Services Cube


ALPR for India detects license plates from images of vehicles and converts license plate numbers to strings.
Health Bridge
The aim of Project HealthBridge is to make the interaction of patients and doctors seamless, convenient and more organized.
reZonance is a Content Based Recommendation Service which suggests songs similar to the one chosen by the user.


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Mann Bajpai
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Neha Rathore
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